R (heartbeatfast) wrote in die_frage,


I have a question about the phrase "bis zum Jahr"

Does it mean both: "up until the year 2011"
and "by the year 2011"

If it means both, how does one determine what the sentence actually means?

I want to say "by the year 1935, all technological development was being coordinated by the Central Design Office"

I wrote "Bis zum Jahr 1935 wurde technologische Entwicklung von dem Zentrale Konstruktionsbüro koordiniert."

Can anyone help with this!?

Thank you :)
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Yep, it means both.

Your version is nearly correct, but because of the dative case you have to add an -n to "Zentrale". --> von dem Zentralen Konstruktionsbüro
I respectfully disagree with the previous post. The way you phrased it, suggests "up until the year 2011" . It really depends on how you want to say 'by the year'. Do you want to say from then on (vom Jahr 2011 an)? Do you want to say that it took until the year 2011 for all the coordination to happen? German is a language that doesn't always translate word for word, and you may well have to restructure your sentence this time.