adult child of alien invaders (pinkminx) wrote in die_frage,
adult child of alien invaders

Shopping in Munich

Hey, time for something completely random. Namely, can anyone point me to a store that sells maternity bras or at least underwireless bras in non-average sizes in Munich? Hell, I'd even take underwires if I could find something in the right size.

The places I've visited so far, el cheapo and not, seem to not even be aware of the fact my size exists. I'd estimate I'm up to 32/34 DD (70/75 DD or E) at the very least, and probably getting bigger in the cup before this fun is over.
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There are some places that just sell maternity clothing (in my town, there's a maternity store called "Mamma Mia"), so I'd look there, but I already don't always find bras in my size (32/34C) in regular stores. If you don't find anything there, I'd have no idea where else to look. Good luck!
I used to wear the same size you do, and it was difficult enough to find bras like that already!

The maternity stores I found that have webpages generally won't offer any cup size above D for a band size of 75, which is ridiculous, and checking these places in person hasn't yielded any better results. I'm surviving with my sports bra and one of those super-open-cup H&M bras in 34D that only gives minimal quadri-boobage, but I've no idea how long I can wear either.

Looks like I get to do some online shopping...